for Drilling, Tapping, Sawing, Machining & Grinding

  1. >This phenomenal, U.S. made product prolongs tool life of metal-cutting Drills, Hole Saws, Jig Saw Blades, wood & metal-cutting Band Saw Blades and Taps.

  2. >Sticks to tool edges as it heats up. No splattering like with liquids. Can be kept in Tool Box or Pouch with no fear of spillage.

  3. >Used by Building Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Glaziers, Tool Makers & Die Makers.

  4. >Non-Hazardous material. MSDS available.



“Nikx Stikx cutting compound clearly out-performed the brands we currently use. Nikx Stikx helped reduce the heat created during sawing and kept the part better lubricated. Works Great!”

“We have recently purchased one of your Nikx Stikx metal cutting compound tubes and find that it has substantially extended the useable life of our cutting, drilling, and milling equipment. It is indeed a fine product!”

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>>> PUSH-THROUGH CAP >>>        Net Weight 2.2 oz.   Made in the U.S.A.

NIKX STIKX is a non-hazardous solid metal cutting compound that saves you effort, time, and money. The cutting oil in the compound is recommended for most metal cutting, preventing the steel chips from welding to the cutting edge due to the high temperatures generated. It is an excellent cutting agent that keeps aluminum  alloys from galling to the cutting tools.

Please view the video to the right for more information and for a demonstration of how the product is used.

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